The Justice

Watch the justice streaming online free: Qi Heng, vice president of the Qizhou Intermediate People's Court, took over the complicated "fishing boat murder case" as soon as he took office and peeled back the survivors' testimony to find loopholes in them. At the same time, Luo Huai Gong's "Jiang Yun Chemical Group'," causes the villagers living near the factory to suffer from terminal illness. Soon, both cases will connect together in an unexpected way.

Genre: Crime, Mystery

Cast: Wang Qian-Yuan, Lyric Lan, Kevin Yan, Zhou Zhi, Zhang Fengyi, Yu Hui, Huang Youming, Tong Zhang

Created by:

First release date: Mar 19, 2023

Last release date: Nov 22, 2023

Country: China

Duration: min.

Quality: HD

The Justice (TV Series 2023) - IMDb  7.7